Research Committee

    Please be sure to read these guidelines before submitting proposals to the NCRE research committee and submit all proposals for research to:

    Lynn Koch

    Lynn Koch
    Research Committee Chairperson
    University of Arkansas - Fayetteville

NCRE Approved Research


Guidelines for Obtaining Approval for Research

The 2001 NCRE Board approved the following guidelines. The purpose of the guidelines is to organize the process of applying for approval of research activities that will involve the membership of NCRE. These are established for the protection of the researcher and our members, as well as the association.

Step 1: Develop research project proposal and forward an initial copy to the Research Committee for review. The proposal should reflect a brief literature review, research questions, data collection and analysis sections.

Step 2: Forward the approval of the Internal Review Board for research from the affiliated institution of higher learning. If the university does not require this process, the reasoning should be submitted in writing with documentation from the institution.

Step 3: The Research Committee will review the proposal for content and correspondence with the mission and goals of NCRE. The committee members will forward their recommendations to the committee chairperson.

Step 4: The committee will review all recommendations and determine that either: (1) approval will be granted to the research to go forward with contacting NCRE membership; (2) provisional approval will be granted pending receipt of a proposal that has addressed concerns or recommendations for changes; or (3) the request is denied.

Step 5: The committee chair will contact the relevant NCRE officials as to the outcome of the decision.

Step 6: The researcher will forward a report of the outcome of the project to the committee upon completion. Appropriate citation of NCRE support is appreciated.

So, the next time you open a survey or respond to a request for an interview or information, look for:

"This research project has obtained permission to gain access to the NCRE membership for purposes of furthering the mission of the association."